The chain’s strategy currently focuses on vacation destinations

Hotel giant Hilton has 31 hotels in development in Mexico which will all open by the end of 2022.

One of the biggest projects is the Hilton Cancún complex, an all-inclusive resort with 715 rooms 20 kilometres south of Cancún’s hotel zone, set to open late this year.

Another is the The Yucatán Resort Playa Del Carmen, a 60-room all-inclusive resort which will open this summer.

Mexico has the fifth largest concentration of Hilton hotels anywhere in the world.

“In Mexico we are seeing a great deal of interest in vacation and leisure destinations and in traditional destinations, led by Cancún, Vallarta and Los Cabos,” said Mario Carbone, Hilton’s development director for Mexico and Central America.

“The necessity to travel is even more evident after so long ‘trapped’ in our homes, so we predict a boom in interest for vacation travel. That will be the first thing we see, followed by business travel, which we are very confident is going to recover in the long run,” Carbone adds.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic saw Hilton invest more in hotel conversions, where existing infrastructure is incorporated into the Hilton brand, such as the DoubleTree complex in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, which opened on October 1.

Last year Hilton’s total projects in Latin America went from a 20% concentration on hotel conversions to 50%.

The company opened 400 hotels in 2020, 14 of which were in Latin America, and now has 100 complexes in development in the region.

Information Source: Expansión (sp)

Article Source: Mexico News Daily (en)