We are already starting to see great interest in Cielo Mar and have received questions about the possibility of making early purchase commitments for lots in exchange for special pricing. We have therefore decided to offer pre-sales reservations to interested parties. Once the master plan has been finalized and published, these reservations will be transferred into purchase agreements. Early pre-sales reservations will have the advantage of deeply discounted pricing, as well as first choice among lots in the first execution phase of the development. The first execution phase will be published with the master plan, expected in fall 2017.

The first reservation offer will be for a total of 25 lots , five (5) Front Line Oceanfront Lots and twenty (20) General Lots. Only one (1) Front Line Oceanfront lot reservation will be accepted per applicant.

We have priced the lots between $100,000 and $300,000, once the development is well underway and a number of homes have been built and amenities are in place.

The lot sizes are estimated to vary between 1/3 and 1/2 of an acre, with the Oceanfront lots likely to be the largest.

This early pre-sales reservation offer, will represent deep discounts, available to first owners in Cielo Mar. Early buyers will in effect be investors in the project and therefore offered exceptional pricing and other special advantages as described below.

Benefits of First Offer for Pre-Sales Reservations

  • First offer -> first selection of lots (first come, first served)
  • Deep price discounts
  • Cash payment discount
  • Refundable – reservation deposit is 90% refundable, any time, any reason
  • No requirements to build
  • No restriction on resale of lots
  • First buyers will be given early construction incentives
  • We plan three Pre-Sales Reservation periods, with different pricing but the same payment terms, 30% down and the rest over 6 years at zero interest. Even deeper discounts will be offered to cash buyers.

Reservations, which will be non-transferable, will be handled exclusively through ProGreen Realty LLC with deposits ranging from $2,500 for General Lots to $5,000 for First Line Oceanfront lots, 90% refundable at any time for any reason, 10% representing administrative and marketing costs.

Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, and the Reservation Agreement will be made public prior to the first reservation period, expected to commence on or before April 21.

Prior to market launch, those with early reservations will select their lots, and convert their reservation agreements into definitive Purchase Agreements.