The Master Plan page includes a drawing labeled “Section B” among the Topographical Map documents. It is likely that much of the land in Section B will be within the Phase I Execution Plan for the development.

Among the first infrastructure projects will be to the move the access road to the back of the development, as indicated here on the Section B map image. This main road would then provide access from the north, to the northernmost entrance of the community, with a commercial center in close proximity to the entrance and the main road inside the development. Residential properties would extend west from the entrance to the ocean, as well as to the east.

Cielo Mar Phase I (Preliminary Plan Stage)

Cielo Mar Phase I (Preliminary Plan Stage)

It is now expected that the Phase I Execution Plan could include 1,500, or even over 2,000 SFR lots. The number of first line oceanfront lots will probably be limited to about 25, but no more than 35, and there will be around 120 available in all of the Cielo Mar community.

Preliminary plans for Phase I include: first golf course (east of the main road), beach club, marina, condominiums, equestrian center with hotel, one or two additional hotels, grocery and convenience stores, among other amenities, green areas, commercial construction and infrastructure.

A natural land formation at the north border of Section C is being considered for constructing the marina, as shown in the image (click to view full size). The vision is to try for a capacity of up to 500 boats. This area can be seen from the Cielo Mar Aerial Video at 1:17.