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Pre-Sales Reservations For Lots In Cielo Mar

The second offer is open to place reservations for lots in Cielo Mar. This offer is limited to 5 Oceanfront, 10 Golf and 35 General lots. Reservations secure for the holder a priority for choice of lots, as well as a 40% discount to the prices that will be listed at the time of the public market launch, once the Master and Parcellation Plan has been published.

Early buyers will in effect be investors in the development and are therefore offered exceptional pricing and other special advantages through this offer, not the least of which is the priority for lot selection. The selection of lots will be on a first-come, first-served basis, giving reservations from this second offer a priority ahead of any subsequent offers and, naturally, ahead of the public market launch.

The lot sizes are estimated to vary in the range of 1/3 to 1/2 of an acre, with the Oceanfront lots likely to be the largest.

It is expected that pricing will vary significantly within each of the lot types, as there will be a wide range of features, and combinations of features, such as size, location, views of the ocean, landscape, golf courses, etc., as well as proximity to the various amenities.

Benefits of Pre-Sales Reservations

  • Priority in selection of lots (first come, first served)
  • Deep price discounts
  • Refundable, 100%
  • No requirement to build
  • No restriction on resale of lots
  • First buyers will be given early construction incentives
  • Option to purchase a "lesser" lot designation (than what was reserved)
  • 24-month option to change lots after purchase

Reserving Your Lot

Reservations are non-transferrable, but they are fully refundable at any time prior to signing a purchase agreement.

Once the Master and Parcellation Plan has been finalized and published, lots will be selected and reservations will be transferred into purchase agreements. Buyers will be offered payment terms with 30% down, and the rest over 6 years at 0% interest, with a further 20% discount offered for cash payment in full.

Further details are provided in the FAQs on this site, as well as in the 1-page reservation agreement that can be downloaded from the Reserve Your Lot page.