Request Reservations

Accepting reservations for 30 Lots

Cielo Mar First Pre-Sales Reservation Request

This early pre-sales reservation offer represents deep discounts, available to first owners in Cielo Mar. Early buyers will in effect be investors in the project and therefore offered exceptional pricing and other special advantages as described below.

Benefits of First Offer for Pre-Sales Reservations

  • First offer -> first selection of lots (first come, first served)
  • Deep price discounts
  • Refundable – reservation deposit is 90% refundable, any time, any reason
  • No requirements to build
  • No restriction on resale of lots
  • First buyers will be given early construction incentives

Within this First Offer, reservations guarantee the fixed construction price of $125/sq ft for the duration of 2 years after the master plan is completed. This is for the complete house, including the solar roof.

Those who commit to early construction with their reservation are given a further 20% discount, for a total of $100/sq ft for their home, including the solar roof.

Reservations are non-transferable and will be handled exclusively through ProGreen Realty LLC, with deposits of $5,000 for First Line Oceanfront lots and $2,500 for all other lots, 90% refundable at any time for any reason, 10% representing administrative and marketing costs.

Prior to market launch, those with First Offer reservations will be the first to select their lots, and convert their reservation agreements into definitive Purchase Agreements.

Financing is available with a 30% down payment, the balance at 0% interest paid monthly for 72 months. Cash buyers will receive a further 20% discount.


Reservations will be accepted in an order of priority, on a first come, first served basis, as follows:

  1. First to reserve, commitment to build*, and non-refundable deposit**
  2. First to reserve, commitment to build
  3. First to reserve, non-refundable deposit
  4. First to reserve

* Commitment to building as soon as home construction is possible in the Phase I build out is most favorable for the development.

** Willingness to waive refund of reservation deposit is a stronger commitment than a refundable deposit.

Weekly Processing of Requests

Reservation Requests for the First Offer will be accumulated on a weekly basis, after which, a completed Reservation Agreement (RA) will be sent to the requestor for each accepted request.

First Offer Reservation Process

Step 1 - Reservation Request

The first step in the reservation process will be for interested parties to submit a Reservation Request, beginning on Tuesday, April 11 at 12:00 Noon (EDT).

Step 2 - Reservation Accepted, Pending Execution & Payment

Reservation Requests received through 12:00 Midnight (EDT) on April 18 will be accepted in order of the priorities described above, pending receipt of signed Reservation Agreements and payments. A Reservation Agreement (RA) will be prepared with the information provided within accepted Reservation Requests, and will be sent by email to the requestor for signing, including instructions for making payment of the Reservation Deposit.

Step 3 - Sign & Return Reservation Agreement With Photo ID, Make Payment

Within 72 hours of receipt, the Reservation Agreement must be signed and returned with a photocopy of the requestor's State Drivers License or State Identification Card, along with payment of the Reservation Deposit. Options will include payment by check, wire transfer or checking account (ACH) through the Cielo Mar website. Necessary details will be provided with the Reservation Agreement.

< The company reserves the right to make changes to this offer at any time without notice >

First Offer Reservation Price Table

First Reservation Offer

First Offer Reservation - Requests, Reserved, Avail Chart
Lot Selection Key for Reservations

Reservation Request Submission

Note 1: Intended Purchase Method has no impact on Priority for acceptance of reservation requests, and this is not binding. This is for company information only.

Note 2: Priority Selections apply to ALL lot selections made with this request. To make alternate selections for multiple lots, please submit separate Reservation Request forms.